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Sitting in my apartment next to my dog Buddy, I wonder if I am significant. Amazon Prime movie playing in the background while I think if anything I type in this place really makes any sort of difference. All the posts I made prior to this one, are they relevant at all? While updating my profile, I considered deleting everything and starting over.

Can we even start over, will technology let us start over? Is reinventing yourself even possible anymore? I think that my significance only really matters to myself.


I am your child, your generation is the majority population of today.

My Xr’s, Y’s and 00’s are more connected now to each other on a world wide perspective then ever before recorded in all of history within a fraction of a nano-second…we connect, unite, inform and prepare.

Our robots have brought us together in real time face to face scenarios with language translation software to free the communication barriers on a level never before imagined.

If you believe we will simply sit back and idly watch as you, the voting majority sells our children and our children’s progeny’s future to the “state” in the name of business or profit. Then you are sadly mistaken.

Mom and dad, even your own mother’s and father’s leader; president Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States of America was quoted in saying, “As you and I both know, the United States government is directly controlled by the central banking institutions ever since the days of president Andrew Jackson.”

We have access to instant on demand information, we are not as amused with your news stations, weather prophets, religious or educational institutionalization as you may very well be now.

Our news comes from each other who are living the experience in the land for which it is happening and we have an eye witness account of the reality unfolding through each others eyes and on our own robots phones eye camera video.

As opposed to the old fashioned and antiquated “sugar coated” Americanized TV reporters version(s) who works for large private corporations like Tuner Network who are the banking institutions whores.

We may be few in number but we make up for it in other ways.

Trust me when I say, as you move towards placebos manufactured health care, media or commercialized propaganda and political brainwashing of your forefathers footsteps by submitting to a false reality bought and sold by the powers that think they may be.

We will be prepared. We know our power within each and every one of us. We will rise above, with or without your help. The choice is yours!!!


Your Son’s and Daughter’s of the NOW

But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence.” ~Book of Matthew (King James Version of the bible).


Truth or fiction? You decide!

Democracy, a pseudo socialism run by majority rules. Does it matter? YES!!! To you progeny, very much so!!!

Baby boomers, the voting majority of the population, in the 1960’s rejected sociatal norms say make love not war, peace, peace, peace; oh and some drugs or sex. Do they vote?

In the 70’s they “disco” themselves into Nixon’s reversal of the gold standard, OPEC fiasco and allow a declaration of a “war” on drugs. Do they vote?

In the 80’s, dive in too indulge ourselves with irrational exuberance, fast cars, bigger houses..more, more, more. Reagan’s trickle down theory tax cuts cripple the economy to insatiate the appetites and allow the raiding of Social Security funds to begin and yet another even greater “war” on drugs! While his wife seductively lures all of your children about drugs, what they do, look like, feel, how to use and why not to “do” them. Largest national debt ever before recorded in all of history during one presidential administration. Do they vote?

Early 90’s Bush #1, need I say more? I will not! Do they vote?

Late 90’s Clinton, first time in baby boomers voting history a budget surplus is created, my first voting opportunity as a boomers child, I voted for Clinton. Only to watch America judge him for a blow job. Dot com bubble and Y2K fiasco. Regulatory president warns congress about derivatives asking America to regulate them, she is fired and removed form the position shortly there after. Do they vote?

Early 2000’s Bush #2…reign of “terror” to disguise the greatest loss of basic human rights and civil liberties in the name of “Homeland Security.” Patriot Act with a dash of deficit greater then ever before recorded in all of history, perpetuating institutionalized murder on the other side of the planet with the governments blessing of an Army, Navy, etc. All the while no physical evidence of a plane on  Pentagon’s soil and a building “7” in NYC that seems to blow up all by itself. Bush says’ Just go shopping.” Do they vote? I refused to vote, unfortunately and I shopped more in my lifetime then I have ever before in my entire life since.

Mid 2000’s Bush #2 part 2…I personally escape to a very dark period of my life of a world in a personal chaotic abyss and I  leave the country for Europe and Asia, while in beautiful city of Istanbul in the presence of my muslim brothers and sisters of our father Abraham. Bombarded by questions asking ME, “Do you know Bush? & “Why does he do this too Muslims?” My futile attempt to defend my country is embarrassing beyond measure and I am left speechless by their interpretation of America’s relationship with Israel.

Late 2000’s, 1st administration of Obama Cares? Yep, I voted for him the first time. Desperate times, stock market crashes 800+ points in a single morning forcing a shut down to avoid another 1929 type incident. Banks stop lending, Stock brokerage companies derivatives force them into bankruptcy, real estate collapses and forecloses of American homes skyrocket into the record books and the banks laugh all the way to the mortgage insurance companies. I begin to learn, study and grasp a bigger picture scheme of things as I find out about the interconnectedness that binds all our “business sectors” of our life’s livelihoods together in a madness of interdependency for survival of the “business as usual or maintaining of status quo’s” theological hierarchal monetary and leadership command oligarchies we support.

2010’s Obama Cares part 2, I wrote myself in as presidential candidate.


I personally witness my friends and families livelihoods drift away into a nothing, no jobs, homelessness, hunger, incarcerated felons unemployable becoming victims of the capital punishment machine that drives our judicial systems futile attempt of “drug” prohibition. Criminalizing my American brothers and sisters with the very substance my own fathers doctor prescribes to him. An elitists healthcare system giving out pure substances to some “legally” through pharmacies while others are penalized for distributing and/or using a “dirtier” version on the streets made by our neighbors. My friends working at jobs for less then I made in 1996 as a telemarketer!!!

Our baby boomers parents are fully aware and KNOW from personal experience that prohibitions create more  problems with bootlegging “criminals” distributing the placebo’s substances as the modern day speak easy is now the drug dealer in your neighborhood attempting to pay for his court fines, bills, etc. Most likely you may even have gone to church with him or her yesterday.

My mom writes a touching story about me helping my homeless friend and I am embarrassed to know the truth within myself and what I see in humanity today as what is now considered “socially acceptable.”

Driving down the street in a $15,000.00 – $250,000.00 NEW car passing a “bum” on the street, pulling into that 5 star resort or fancy shmancy shop and very nonchalantly clicking a button on your key that announces to everyone and GOD that my car is more precious then my insurance deductible or even you, you stupid bum is, “okay.”

Living in a $150,000.00 – 1 million dollar + home behind that gate or alarm system with your cheep ass insurance is, “okay.”

Big Box “store’s” criminalizing the public citizen’s for “taking” something less then $5.00 and putting them in jails is, “okay.”

Forcing the poor to go though humiliating shelters or food lines to get expired, rotten unwanted and/or unsaleable “tax” deductions for the businesses is, “okay.”

Police arresting everyday people for a simple grain of salt sized methanephetamine or less in the smoky residue left behind in the lining of a “pipe.” A FELONY….now you’re punished for 10 years with no EEOC job opportunity rights, no voting rights, no EHOC housing opportunity rights is, “okay.”


You are my brother, you are my sister, you are my father and my mother, you are my neighbor and my friend. I LOVE YOU!

What do you seriously think our children or children’s children will determine, when their superior technology paints this picture using our own data as proof against us and singles out exactly what you did or did not do?

Are we today being the very barbarians of tomorrow that we equate our ancestors to be now? Cavemen humans repeating the same behaviors generation after generation, all the while a fraction of the Earths population is attaining more luxurious livelihoods at the expense of the majority populations working class poor.

It’s the same today now as was the days of Amen Ra in 3000 B.C.E. The days of Buddha, Jesus, Allah…same thing, different day.



If you have any ounce of christianity within you American, why do you allow the opposite to happen today to your own family members, exactly the opposite of what was instructed of us by Jesus himself? Our savior, to be like unto “him” (Jesus).

~Jared Lee Mease

Just me

Here I am, ready for your love! (-;

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Dear Friend:

I am just a guy that lives in Saint George. I would like you to know that there is nothing in the entire universe combined that could replace you, which is how precious you are to humanity.
There is only one you and no other like you, you are the only you. We need you as much as you need us. We are all family in this existence.

I have battled with my own self; alcoholism, almost every illegal drug on the planet, mental illnesses and it took me over 20 years to learn that it no longer worked for me. Thankfully, with a lot of compassion, patience, forgiveness and love from my community in Saint George, I am a new person. It has been since November 2008 since I have done any illegal drug or even drank alcohol.
The most challenging reality I have experienced within my self is to honestly admit and accept responsibility not only for myself but for the reality I experience. Our thoughts emanate from within us and in all directions affecting everyone and everything around us. Society teaches us to point the finger of blame in every direction but to the only direction that is responsible, you.

You see, we have free agency to be any and all potentials. No one can take away your beliefs and your thoughts, that’s free agency…you own them 100% and I ask myself, who said it and why did I choose to believe it anyway? I do not have to accept anything in my reality unless I choose too! I promise if you stay focused ONLY on your goal, imagine yourself in the reality you feel you deserve as if it already exists for you NOW the path to your goal will present itself with joyful ease.

People seem to get so wrapped up with the tasks they think are necessary to accomplish their goals that it becomes an endless list of “to do’s” and spend countless hours creating obstacles, doubts or fears and sometimes never even reach their goal at all. Believe in yourself, have faith and know you can do anything!!!
There are three words that masters of the universe eliminate and strike completely from their vocabulary.

They are: WANT, HOPE & WISH. Why?

Because masters of the universe are creators and they know that if they use these words or any variation of them, then you will only experience the wanting, the hoping and the wishing.

Good replacements to use instead are: I DO, I AM, I HAVE, I KNOW & I CAN

I know my free agency worked for me and it can work for you!!! All we have is each other and the least we can do for each other is to assist each other to succeed. Say something nice, recognize others kindnesses, their deeds and actions. Sometimes the only thing I can do for someone is to tell them how beautiful they are, tell them I appreciate them, thank them for assisting me and I say this to people all the time.

The technology that exists today is absolutely amazing. Our futures are brighter then ever before in all of the history of mankind. We can grow organs using your own DNA, we can build things atom by atom. Robotics and automation will launch us into an era for all of humanity to be full of abundance and prosperity.
I am telling you this because I am in my 30’s and I have a lot of time to investigate, learn and inform others with only my knowledge I believe needs to be perpetuated.


“Your mind is everything; what you think you become.” ~Buddha

“As a man thinketh, so shall he become.” ~Jesus

“Your thoughts create your reality.” ~Eckhart Tolle

“What you think you become” ~Gandhi

“Ye are all gods, yet you do not know it.” ~Jesus

“Our greatest fear is not that we are weak, but that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~Anonymous

“The sign of a successful person is someone who can make decisions quickly, they know that they can always change their mind.” ~Anthony Robbins



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Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 3:20:07 PM
Subject: Re: EEOA & FHEO


I have notified and sent a copy of this message to the President of the United States Barack Obama and administration at the White House.

~Jared (-;

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Subject: Fwd: EEOA & FHEO

Dear Sir and/or Madam:


It is obvious that all of your organizations and departments are not interested in protecting equality for felons to have equal opportunity for housing and employment.

As the Registered Agent and Founder of The Sumner Mease Foundation ( a not for profit 501 (c) 3 organization registered in Utah ), I am writing all of you to brace yourselves. Due to your inaction, complacency and patronizing behaviors; we have decided to launch a nationwide campaign against your organizations for blatantly discriminating against and/or neglecting to represent an entire population within the United States of America, all of the people that have felony charges and/or convictions! Felons today are treated like second class citizens. This will stop!

You have NO right to even have equality in the name of your organization if you do not equally assist everyone. Having a felony today is just like being African American back when segregation was considered acceptable behaviors.

The time to stop discrimination against felons is now.


HM. Jared Lee Mease
sYx Industries ~ Creator
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HM Jared Lee Mease

sYx Industries ~ Creator
Director of Administration ~ The Nimbus Group
Board Member ~ goLightWise & SUNADOPT (Southwest Utah/Northwest Arizona Development Plan Team)

PO BOX 2331
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Date: November 19, 2012, 7:38:47 AM MST
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Subject: RE: EEOA & FHEO

Dear Patricia Miner, Eric Larson and Veralinda Grenados:

Thank you for the quick reply Patricia. I am not looking to be patronized.

The email I sent was not designed to inform you all of just a personal issue I have with the EEOA & FHEO programs to file a complaint on behalf of myself. I am asking how you are going to protect the equal rights of ALL felons who reside in the United States of America who are being discriminated against on a daily basis by employers and housing agencies management companies all across the country. This huge continually growing segment of society that have a felony are not getting the equal housing and employment protection from the EEOA & FHEO agencies and I am telling you that they are being discriminated against in the past, present and continually in the future and whom are NOT protected in order for felons to have equal rights to housing and employment opportunities.

Surely you aren’t suggesting that every felon who has been discriminated against by a landlord or employer to file a complaint with your office(s). If this were what you want, the sheer numbers of Charges of Discrimination would absolutely inundate your office that the EEOA & FHEO couldn’t possibly have the staff on hand to handle everyone one of them that will then be filed. As far as a 180-300 day window of opportunity to file said claims is concerned, in my opinion, that in and of itself is a blatant discriminatory act. It absolutely does not matter how much time has passed since the discrimination occurred. Seriously, these felons are people too and they are our neighbors, friends and family members!

Now, back to the question at hand. Is EEOA & FHEO going to protect the housing and employment rights of ALL felons to have equal access to housing and employment opportunities or not? This is a yes or no question Patricia, Eric and Veralinda. If you feel unable to respond to this question yourselves with an answer, I suggest you then escalate my question through the chain of command within your agencies to give me a direct answer! Please advise.


HM. Jared Lee Mease

sYx Industries
Information Center eMail
PO BOX 2331
SAINT GEORGE, UT 84771-2331
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Subject: Re: EEOA & FHEO
Date: Mon, November 19, 2012 6:30 am

Dear Mr. Mease:

The EEOC is a federal law enforcement agency that enforces the federal discrimination laws. In order for the EEOC to have jurisdiction there must be an employer/employee relationship (which includes applicants) in which the individual has a belief that the employer took, or is taking, action against them due to either their sex, age, race, national origin, pregnancy, religion, color, disability, genetics, or in retaliation for engaging in protected activity tied to one of these bases.

If you believe the situation you are involved in is due to one of the areas noted above and you are interested in filing a Charge of Discrimination with our agency, please complete an Intake Questionnaire; you may obtain a questionnaire at our website: . Our office is open for interviews on a first come, first serve basis Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You should bring the completed Intake Questionnaire to our office to meet with an investigator for an interview. We also have limited appointments available which you may obtain by calling (602) 640-5000.

Please be aware that in order for a charge to be timely filed, it must be filed within 300 days (in some cases within 180 days) of the last date of the alleged harm.

If you live outside of the Phoenix Metro Area, or have a disability that prevents you from coming to our office, you may mail or fax the questionnaire to our office. An interview with an investigator is the first step in our investigation process. During the interview, and based upon the factual information provided, the investigator will provide information to you as to whether or not the EEOC will investigate this matter further.

I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you how to proceed as we do not provide legal advice. If the situation relates to an area outside of the ones listed, then you need to consult with an attorney for legal advice as to how you should proceed. I have attached an attorney list our agency provides as a resource.

I hope this information was helpful. Thank you.

Patricia Miner
Patricia Miner, Intake Supervisor
3300 N. Central Ave., Ste. 690
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 640-5036
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Dear Patricia Miner, Eric Larson & Verolinda Grenados:

My name is Jared. I am an SSDI recipient, registered voter and concerned citizen charged with a felony and not convicted. It has come to my attention that a growing class of Americans are being directly targeted and discriminated against because of felony charges they may have on their public records even if they have not been convicted of said charges and we have been and we are now currently being refused employment and/or housing opportunities. Now I am sure you are all very aware of this issue and perhaps it is old news to you. I intend to re-engage the issue.

Let’s talk about just the felonies for a moment. Large groups of people who are penalized, fined, imprisoned or jailed and even if the money for the crime they have been convicted of has been paid in fines or they are on probation and making payments; have done or completed all the necessary steps in accordance with their sentence by the court for the crime have to continually suffer for many years afterwards and they are denied employment and housing opportunities by simply committing a crime even after they have completed all the requirements of the sentence set for the crime set forth by a court of law.

It is my belief that the criminal justice system is creating “second class” versions of Americans with felonies that are subject to horrible treatment and rejection to continue on for years and years. I personally have been denied an opportunity to rent an apartment simply because I was charged with a felony. I was told by The Falls at Mesa Point Apartments that they will not even concider renting to me until my felony charge has passed 10 years. Which is funny because I’ve lived there before my felony charge and I’m still the same person I was before the felony charge.

I personally know many, many people who are in fact struggling to find work, denied a place to live during the application process due to the felonies, living on the streets homeless and are repeatedly denied for years because the criminal justice record system publicly places the data on record for all to see; allowing to repeatedly punish felons for a crime that has been sentenced and the terms of the sentence are completed by discriminating against them for employment and housing. Even having the question on an application to admit to the employer or property owner if you have committed a crime so that it can published or verified against your criminal back ground record informing all who can see your application to see your past criminal history. This behavior is demeaning to us, humiliating us constantly and simply just down right cruel behavior blatantly allowing for pure unadulterated discrimination against us; we are your friends, neighbors and family members.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that your agencies do not fully represent all of Americans rights equally and only protect some of the Americans equal rights in your statutes as written under the laws today. I will end with Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” ~Thomas Jefferson; our third president of The United States of America.

You have chosen to be our public servant and represent all of Americans equal rights issues; you must now act in accordance with your duties to maintain equality for all of us, equally. Please respond to how you intend to address this discrimination issue and protect the equal rights of all of us, even the felons. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to public service, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hm. Jared Lee Mease

sYx Industries
Information Center eMail
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Supposedly the latest statistic I heard is that 1 of every 10 persons is a homosexual. 700 million +/- on a planet that has 7+ billion people. Now that’s a pretty large group all around the world. 

Now imagine if they all organized themselves and formed their own theology of belief system. Then they recruited as many gay people as possible to go out into the world and inform others that homosexuality is the only true belief and gay heaven is the best heaven. Announcing at your doorstep that gay is the only way, in front of you, your kids and family or friends. Oh and by the way, what you believe is wrong and our belief is the only real true belief. 

Also, just for the privilege of being homosexual, we require you pay 10% of all your earnings to us so we can build gay churches, build gay temples that only gay people can enter, manipulate political agendas that support only straight peoples lifestyles and even create our own welfare system for gay members to help them pay rent, car payments and food or anything gay people feel is necessary for gay members in need.

Sound pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? That’s how it feels when the missionaries come to my door. As a homosexual man myself, I wouldn’t tell you that what you believe is right or wrong, it is not my place to tell you that, what you believe is your choice and you decide if it is right or wrong all by yourself!!!


HM Jared Lee Mease (-;